Did you know that 60% of homebuyers believe that a well-tended lawn is more important than a poorly-tended one? Look no further if you want to increase the value of your property and improve your home's curb-appeal. We've compiled the top landscaping trends for Landscape Company Cape Cod.

1. Lighting

Landscape lighting sets the tone and mood for the atmosphere that you want to create. You'll also see more of last year’s Moroccan-inspired lighting this year, in addition to the outdoor solar LED lights. This stunning combination of vibrant colors and patterns creates a wonderful marriage. These adds more perspective for some landscape artist

2. Minimalism

We will see less decorative foilage and decor due to the popularity of Marie Kondo minimalism. It will be more popular to have large, open spaces with paved pathways and functional outdoor furniture that is not as fashionable.

3. Low-Maintenance

Low-maintenance lawns with minimal upkeep will continue to be a popular trend in minimalism. It is important to plant complementary plants and foilage that aids with upkeep.

4. Sustainability

People will feel a renewed passion for sustainability. People will be more inclined to use solar power and compost in their commercial and residential landscaping. It will be important to reduce carbon footprints and make it easier to "do your part" in saving the environment.

5. Pergolas

Pergolas were introduced to the market in 2019, and they have continued to gain popularity. Pergolas add an air of intimacy to any commercial or residential landscape. A custom pergola can be lit with soft outdoor lighting.

6. Bees

People are becoming more aware of the dire situation of honeybees. Pesticides and a lack of resources are leading to their rapid death. All over the globe, plants are appearing that encourage and support these populations.

Landscape services in Wilmington DE can help you decide what flowers and plants to plant in your garden to attract bees.

7. Color

Color trends are as diverse as ever, with everything from brightly colored Moroccan-themes to monochromatic palettes. The more vibrant colors will take the place of neutrals this year.

8. Vertical wall planters

Many flowers, including tomato plants and flowering vines can be made into vertical wall planters. These plants are especially popular in urban rooftop gardens and small yards.

The experts in Wilmington DE landscaping can provide advice on which plants are best stacked in vertical gardeners and even help you source them.

9. Vegetables & Herbs

Growing your own food is becoming more popular than ever. People are becoming more interested in growing their own food and are hiring landscaping services in Wilmington DE. It is possible to incorporate edibles into your landscape. This is beautiful and can be achieved with the right expertise.

Borsello Landscaping is available to provide expert landscaping services in Wilmington DE and the surrounding areas. Give them a call today. These landscape designers are masters at creating stunning landscapes that transform residential and commercial spaces into beautiful masterpieces over the years.